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The Asylum Street Spankers--- Song ... What a great band, one of my favorites. Hard to pin these folks down...folk, blues, old school vaudeville and much more. And it's ALL good! I highly recommend them. Click here
Todd Barry --- Stand-up... Todd has a way with sarcasm that is most refreshing. A funny man. His new CD "Falling Off the Bone" is more of the same...very good.
Click here

Mike Birbiglia--- Stand-up... Mike is a really good stand-up comedian, very funny. One of the best in the last few years.
Click here

Brooks and Fraser --- Sketch ... A VERY funny comedy duo, I like them a lot. They do music, sketch and commercial parodies and they do it WELL. Click here
Paul Bullock --- Spoken word ... Paul performs monologues under the alter ego of Manfred C. Balzac. Some interesting stuff here. Click here
Ian Butler --- Song ... Ian is a talented songwriter and performer with a new CD out. A good effort this. Click here
Tom Cool --- Song ... Tom is funny...end of story. His song "Carol" is hilarious, as are all of his efforts. I like him lots. Click here
The Cowards --- Sketch ... These two Canadian guys are superb. Highly recommended! Click here
Darby O'Gill --- Song and audience interaction... Wow, a Celtic band with tremendous musical and comedic talents.
Fronted by Scott Messer, a great singer with personality to spare, this band deserves a listen.
Their newest CD has a cool version of "The Scotsman" on it.
Click here
The Hee-Bee Geebees --- Music --- Some great comedy talent and musicianship here, the parody commercials are a nice bonus...try 'em. Click here
Chance Langton --- Stand up and Music --- A pretty funny guy from the Boston area. He mixes it up with great stand-up and some neat guitar playing. I like him! Click here
Stephen Lynch --- Music --- A really sick sense of humor resides in this man...that is good.
His first CD is very entertaining... Did I mention sick?
His third release, "The Craig Machine", is just as manic and brilliant as his first two. A rare talent.
Click here
Tom Perri --- Music --- A musician who isn't afraid of mixing it up a bit. His new release is quite good. Check him out here. Click here
Emo Philips --- Stand Up --- One of the funniest mammals on the planet. What else needs to be said?
Alright...he loves coleslaw, AND he has a new CD out.
Click here
Ben Richards --- Songwriter --- His "Living In A Capitalist World" hits the nail right on the head, "Anti Christmess" as it were.
You can download it here.
Click here or here Click here
3 (Three) Dead Trolls in a Baggie --- Music & Sketch --- I love the name AND the talent even more. A very funny group. Click here
The Tiger Lillies --- Music --- A hard group to describe. Musicians with a rather (ahem) sick side, but very smart too.
I love 'em.
Click here
Daniel Tosh --- Stand-up --- I like this guys stand-up, very funny stuff. One of the better new comedians. Click here
The Toyes --- Music --- A very pleasant surprise...a reggae band as tight as anything I've heard, and very humorous! Click here

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