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About The Host:
I am having a bugger of a time thinking of a good bio.
I'm almost done but I need a bit more time.
I'm going on an overnighter tomorrow and the time that I will have, sitting in that cheap motel room,
will be just what I need to spark my brain cells into action...or suicide.
Okay, never mind, I think I got it. Here goes...

Webster's dictionary defines the following

A dry, one seeded fruit, consisting of a kernel, often edible, in a woody shell.

The buttocks. Rounded, squishy globs of cellulite covered in pimples located at the bottom of the back.

A circular disk or frame turning on a central axis.

There you have it.
Any questions?

About Comedy 101 Radio...
I named the show after the ubiquitous "Comedy 101" College and University courses,
offered at various institutions of higher learning, across North America.
I slapped the "Radio" suffix at the end because I didn't want people to mistake IT
for an academic endeavor and ME for any kind of supreme intellect.

Fat chance of that happening, I need diagrams just to dress myself in the morning.
Shoes OVER socks, boxers UNDER the pants...lots to remember.

To make a long story short, I have a HUGE (Pause inserted here for REALLY cheap effect) comedy collection,
experience in radio and an incredible desire to make an arse of myself.
After all is said and done, I've hosted the show for over ten years in an effort to bring laughter to the masses.
With the exception of speaking with my fly WIDE open at the last staff meeting I have failed miserably.

But, being a patient and somewhat "slow" individual, I will continue to try and make life's little burdens
that much easier on everyone by playing the BEST stand-up, sketch and musical comedy that's out there.
I hope you truly enjoy what you're listening to and feel free to let me know what you think, good or bad, about the show.
Well, to be perfectly honest, if it's bad, please keep it to yourself.
My probation officer tells me that if I stalk one more disgruntled listener
he'll have to send me "back".

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