This is some pretty funny stuff! May it make your day go better.
SubPlot A A nice find, I just started playing these guys on the show and I really like them. Check out the song "Must Sell Screenplay", it's a great sample of their talent...catchy, witty and well performed, what's not to like?

Sudden Death Tom Rockwell is a talented comedy rapper with a great sound. Has a couple of releases out that I find really funny. This be the site.

Swami Beyondananda I really like this artist, Swami Beyondananda is a very humorous fellow indeed. Terrific word play that makes you think and, more importantly, makes you feel good. G.U.R.U is a superb example of this. I highly recommend this man!

Jim Terr Jim Terr is very good at what he parodies and satire, plus much more. Check him out, lots to learn.

Three Stooges The Official Three Stooges Website. This site is also a good location for info on the wackiest trio that ever lived.

Judy Tenuta The giver goddess, blesser of bunions and coveter of canned goods has finally got her own website. This is a good thing. I have seen her live and she is a riot. If we all visit her here she may bestow upon us some ABC gum...if we're lucky. This be the place for all things Judy.

Three Dead Trolls In A Baggie This comedy troupe has got some pretty funny material, the sketches are quite good. Here be their site.

The Tiger Lillies This is one strange band! A trio...drummer, bassist and accordian player who seem heavily influenced by Edward Gorey. A tad on the dark side...okay, a BIG tad! Very entertaining nonetheless.

Christopher Titus This guy is one of the very best stand-up comedians around, but not just for the usual reasons. He has LIVED what he talks about. His stories are eye opening with their honesty, humor and pathos. I highly recommend him.

Daniel Tosh Daniel is a funny man, one of the best of the up and coming stand-ups. I highly recommend him.

The Toyes This is the place for Toyes info and material. A full blown reggae band with talent and humor to spare! Their first CD, "The Toyes", is a darned fine first effort with great cuts like "Smoke two joints", "Nobody home" and "Monster Hash" (Hey, they ARE a reggae band)...funny as heck too. Not all the cuts are humorous but what isn't is well done and as tight as anything I've ever heard.

Travesty Limited The group that did "Rock and Roll Doctor", "How to play the Bongos" and other great sketches have a nice website, check it out...very funny stuff. I think highly of this material.

2NU 2NU is superb, That's the only way to put it. "This Is Ponderous", "Spaz Attack" and "DDS Blues" are just a few of the great tunes this band have put out over the years. Outstanding sound quality and top notch production values are what seperate these guys from the rest of the pack. I highly recommend them!

Carla Ulbrich Carla Ulbrich, singer, Songwriter, Fingerstyle guitarist, bad Typist and professional smart aleck. That's what her page bio says about her and I couldn't have said it better myself. (pronounced Ole-Brick by the way) Carla is a talented individual who quit her job as a CIA operative to follow her muse.If you don't check out her site she'll have you followed. Alright, I lied about the CIA stuff but she has talent.

Uproar Records Uproar Records is THE place to go for the best in stand-up comedy, that's ALL they carry. Founded by the widely respected Dave Drozen. I highly recommend this site.

The Vestibules The Canadian comedy troupe, The Vestibules, are one of the better groups out there. Formerly The Radio Free Vestibules, they are known for "Philipa and Denina" and "Bulbous Boufant". Their new CD is very funny.

Jimmy Wallis Jim has a repertoire of stand-up comedy, impressions and ventriloquism. A well rounded comedian by any measure. Check him out.

Wammo Wammo was a huge part of one of my favorite bands, The Asylum Street Spankers! I cannot say enough about this guy... multi-instrumentalist, great pipes and a wicked sense of humor, to say the least! I highly recommend him and the rest of the band. Click this now or I'll get out the leaf blower!

Greg Warren Greg is a really good stand-up comedian. His observations are very humorous. He does not like restaurants. No lie, a very funny fellow.

Evan Wecksell Coming from the New York comedy scene, Evan is a welcome addition to C101R. The song "I Wanna Be Black" is a good cut from his debut CD, "Live At the Bitter End". This is his site.

Kurt Weitzmann Yes! Finally, some good sketch comedy that is funny and well done. This is great stuff. I highly recommend his "Talented" recording. Skit comedy like the old National Lampoon Radio days. And, I might add, this is a very twisted man. Check out his site.

Camille West A member of "The Four Bitchin Babes" who is doing quite well on her own. This wonderfully humorous singer/songwriter is getting the national recognition that she deserves. A real genious with a lyric, I can't think of any who is better. The "Viagra" song will inspire you.

The Whimsical Icebox A cool site put together by an absurdist comedy group and fellow comedy lover. Lots here...look around, you'll find something to like. Good stuff this. Instrumental in making the Comedy 101 Radio website look good. He can help you too.

Don White A great songwriter and superb performer of such pieces as "Lijah" and "The Wean Scene". He has a few recordings out that spotlight his vast talents. Highly recommended.

Logan Whitehurst and the Junior Science Club Known for "Farkle", "Monkeys are Bad People" and many more funny pieces. This is the website of the late, great Logan Whitehurst. He will be missed.

The Whitest Kids U' Know This is one talented sketch comedy group. Their material works well on the show and the videos are even better. I wish there were more like them.

Jim Wiggins The last Hippie is an apt name for this non-repentant representative of the sixties. Off color and pretty funny is how I'd sum up this guy. Check him out here.

Tim Wilkins This guy is a pretty funny stand-up comedian. His takes on marriage, fatherhood and life in general are right on. This site has all the info that you need to know.

Suzanne Willett She's funny, entertaining and cholesterol free. What more could you ask for in a comedienne? Okay, there's the autograph thing, but besides that...

Harland Williams This stand-up comedian is a very funny guy! One of my personal favorites for many the wall, twisted and great with the audience. This is his site.

Williams and Ree The Indian and the white guy. Delightfully UN-PC. Capable of great material. I like them. This site has video and audio material.

Tim Wilson This guy has produced some very funny material. Good stand-up and some great songwriting from a redneck point of view. You can buy his stuff here also...

Reverend Billy C. Wirtz The Reverend's Face Book Page. Lots of info here on a very talented man. His "Mister Wiggly" is still the record holder for most requests in a row on the show. Highly recommended...there is nobody quite like him.

Woods Tea Company A Vermont based folk band with a fine sense of humor. I really like their stage presence...joking around, gently poking one another and just plain having fun. They are pretty funny to listen to. I recommend them highly.

Worm Quartet Oh yeah! Punky, upbeat and pretty damned funny. Good stuff this.

Weird Al Yankovic The man who brought you song parodies galore, UHF the movie, and really good accordion playing (okay, maybe not that last one). This site has all the info you'd want on the guy.

Whitman and Pantell Karen Whitman and Rick Pantell of Bearsville Graphics and Woodstock Art Colony fame have just released a CD called "Chicken Fat Pudding and Other Delights". I'm really excited about it, if for no other reason, because it has the first song i've really ever heard about an object that I worship...the Frisbee! Not to say that it's the only good one on the recording because it's not. This is the place to find out more. So what are you waiting for?!

Todd Yohn He's back! Todd Yohn Is a great musical comedian. With songs like "Daddy, please don't go" and "When she snores" you have just got to laugh! I recommend either of his two CD releases, and I suspect that his brand new DVD is just as good if not better. This is the place for all things Yohn.

Kenny Young and the Eggplants Fronted by the unlikely named Kenny Young, this is one great band that should go far... that is if comedy/novelty/eclectic bands like this ever receive the recognition that they deserve. Not all songs are meant to be funny, but all are very good indeed. I like 'em!

Bob Zany Bob has been around a while and he deserves the success he's found. He's a funny guy. Recordings for sale here also.

Roy Zimmerman Yes, THAT Roy Zimmerman, founder and talented member of the group The Foremen. Smart funny of the best kind, with justifiable talent comparisons to Tom Lehrer but with a bit more bite, heavy on the teeth. As his web site says "Funny Songs About Ignorance, War and Greed". I highly recommend this gentlemen. Listen for cuts from his holiday recording "Peacenik" on the show very soon.