Gotta love good comedy! It makes the world go round.
Lester McFwap Tom Konkle and David Beeler from the Lester McFwap comedy group. This is a current site in which to find out more about the guys and the group. Enjoy.

Steve McGrew A really funny comic that I've been playing on C-101R. You will be hearing more of this guy, I'm sure of it. You can buy his new CD through here also.

Juston McKinney Juston is a great comedian. I love his material, very insightful with the right touch of sarcasm. And he's from New England. I highly recommend him.

Kevin Meaney A very funny fellow Kevin is. A long time fixture of the Boston comedy scene who went on to play Uncle Buck on the TV. I love the way he describes his parents, reminds me of my own. Put on your Big Pants and listen to a real talent.

Rob Moitoza Rob is a very funny man, all of them. That may sound a bit strange but if you are familiar with his work you'd know what I mean. This is his/their site. I play his/their material on the show to good reviews. I'm getting confused...

Monty Python The official home page. THE greatest Comedy Troupe that ever lived. Need I say more?

Monty Python Fan Site This is a great tribute site with some nice sound files from their various ventures that you can download. And lots more.

Sean Morey An infectious comedy star with a knack for musical mayhem, and not too shabby with his stand-up either. Lots of neat stuff here.

John Mulaney This guy is a pretty cool stand-up comedian, low key, funny and insightful. What more could you ask for in a comic?

Dan Naturman Dan is a good stand-up comedian,a funny man with a gift for audience interaction. This be his site.

The New Duncan Imperials I like this group. I'm not really sure how to describe them, psychobilly perhaps but they are good, warped...and funny. Some great musicianship here.

Bob Newhart A really great site on a very talented comedian! Lots of info on Mister "Deadpan" himself. He was always one of my personal favorites.

Mojo Nixon Performer of "Elvis is Everywhere", "Chicken Drop", "Don Henley Must Die" and many other great pieces. This man is a very entertaining, exuberant and in-your-face artist like no other. I like him a lot, even if MTV doesn't.

Alex Nussbaum Alex is a talented stand-up comedian. He's laid back and pretty darned funny.I play him on the show. This is his website. Why are you still here?

Paul and Storm This is one humorous singing duo. More than a few of their songs are laugh out loud funny. I highly recommend them.

Tom Perri A liner note from his new CD is quite refreshing "I can't sing, not a note. The pleasurability factor of my voice lies somewhere between a door squeaking and a car backfiring. However the point of this collection is not my singing ability, it exists for a laugh." I appreciate his candor and his humor. Some good stuff here.

Red Peters Some very entertaining comedy here, but it aint for the kiddies. (No big deal there, they have enough to listen to) You can find out the where/how/why info on both his CDs... "I Laughed, I Cried, I Fudged my Undies" AND "Ol' Blue Balls is Back".

Mike Phirman Mike's material is as funny as it is refreshing. Not your typical comic, and that is a good thing. Very diverse, I get the impression that he could do anything humorous...musical, sketch and stand-up.

Emo Philips The OFFICIAL Emo Philips website. Takes a while to load if you have a slow connection but stay with it and he'll give you some complementary coleslaw just for waiting. This man/mammal/vertebrate is one of the best.

Henry Phillips A real Twisted American. I get TONS of requests for him. His new release is out, It's called "Number Two". (NO comment)

John Pinette This is one funny man. Makes the most out of poking fun at his large size. Large in laughter too.

Pinkard and Bowden Richard Bowden and Sandy Pinkard are one funny duo (one funny two?!). They no longer tour but their great material is still available at this web site. I play them on C101 and with good reason...they pay me handsomely (just kidding, it's a pittance really). What IS a pittance anyway?

Dan Piraro This is the Blog for Dan Piraro, the tremendous comic strip creator of Bizarro. I really enjoy his works, rants and humor. He is one of the very best!

Pooch Cafe Pooch Cafe by Paul Gilligan is a dog loving hoot! A great cartoon strip that is as original as they come. Very funny, even if you've never owned a canine. I highly recommend this!

Power Salad Fronted by Chris Mezzolesta and backed by the Croutons this group loves good comedy. A nice effort.

Planet Proctor The legendary Phil Proctor, he of Firesign Theatre fame is the name of the game here. A great site, if for no other reason than the Phunny Phacts section, but there is much more here. I like it a lot.

Professor Irwin Corey I am so glad that this guy is still around! For years he entertained us as The World's Foremost Authority and I love his stuff. Check this gentleman out, he's a real eccentric that will make you chuckle. Gotta love him!

Mike Rayburn I saw Mike perform a few years ago and thought he was pretty talented. He has gotten REALLY good since then! A very funny guy and a whiz on the guitar. Good for you, Mike!

Brian Regan One of the BEST stand-up comedians of all time! What makes him a rarity is that his act is clean, brilliant and very, very funny. I highly recommend him.

Darryl Rhoades Darryl Rhoades has a great sense of humor, check out his photo with his good friend Buddy Holley. Known for "Burgers from Heaven" and other great songs. He's currently teaming with Reverend Billy on tours of the south. I like it.

Bob Rivers This man is known for some great xmas parodies but he has LOTS of other good material as well. He certainly has the production values down pat. This is worth checking out.

Roadside Attraction A pinch of Prince, a dash of Aerosmith, throw in some Robin Willaims with just a tad of Walt Disney and you get Roadside Attraction. Like they say "Because life just ain't that serious.". I couldn't say it better myself.

Cali Rose A talented songwriter and singer with a bit of a goofy streak. And that's not just my opinion, her CD is called "Cali Rose Gets Goofy" there! Songs relating to Grumpiness, Pets, the Holidays and Everything in between are included therein. This is her web site.

Dave Rudolf Dave is a musical comedy performer for adults and kids alike. He has recordings out that spotlight Xmas, Halloween, AND childrens stories and an assortment of well produced material that is quite entertaining. I really like his "Dracula goes to the dentist" skit, very funny. You can tell that he loves what he does.

Father Guido Sarducci Father Guido Sarducci, otherwise known as Don Novello, is a tremendously funny comic. This guys has been around since the seventies but his humor is far from dated. He has worked with some of the best, Saturday Night Live (when they were good), Second City TV, The Smothers Brothers and many more! I highly recommend this funny man.

Eric Schwartz Eric is a very talented singer/ songwriter. He has released both serious and comedic material." Pleading the First: Songs My Mother Hates" is a CD that had me smiling like crazy...a fine effort. This be the place for all things Schwartz.

Craig ShoemakerCraig "The Lovemaster" Shoemaker is a darned good stand-up comedian who also has a career in films. I interviewed Craig a few years ago and you'd be hard pressed to find a nicer guy. This be his site.

Amy SchumerAmy is a pretty funny stand-up comedienne. Her CD "Cutting" gets me laughing, some really great pieces on it. This is her site.

Mark Silverman Mark Silverman is a computer programmer, a songwriter, and a cartoonist (but not necesssarily in that order). Talk about multi-talented...I'm jealous. He appreciates a sense of humor and it shows in his work. Try this out.

Shel Silverstein The Shel Silverstein web site for kids. A superb site for the late great Shel. He will surely be missed. R.I.P Shel, you done GOOD!

Margaret Smith This is a very humorous stand-up Comedienne. She's been around a while and keeps getting funnier. I highly recommend her.

Tom Smith It's kind of hard to describe Tom. Entertaining comes to mind. He has some great songs. This is where you can learn more.

Smothers Brothers These two guys have a place all their own in the world of comedy.Very talented in many areas. I really like them.

Michael Somerville Michael is a very funny stand-up comedian, clean, clever and hilarious. You can't ask for much more. This be the site.

Space Ghost I play Space Ghost on Comedy 101 and it really works. Part of the early years of Adult Swims that was very good. I like it.

Subplot A Here's an interesting person. Dr. Arun Lakra is the man behind the band. On the strength of "Must Sell Screenplay" alone, I recommend Subplot A. Not a pure comedy artist but he has produced some very humorous material. Here's the site.