Some superb humor here. I hope you enjoy it.
Paul Gilmartin His poems and his stand-up are great. His "Confession" skit is currently a hot one. He's the guy from that famous know, the one on that channel. Highly recommended.

Neal Gladstone Good stuff! Original, humorous songs that rival the best of what's out there. A nice find.

Todd Glass Todd is a talented comedian with a new CD out called "Vintage Todd Glass and Other Crap". It has song, stand-up and parody on it and although the live stand-up portion was recorded rather poorly it's still a decent recording. Visit his site but don't throw any stones while you're there.

Tony Goldmark Don't Quit Your day Job records is Tony's CD/info site. Check out his new release "Masterpiece Weirder".

Steve Goodie Steve is a really talented individual. His comedy songs are up right up there with the best of them. Great production values and sound. You will not be disappointed in his work. I love The Nascar Song, great stuff.

Dana Gould Dana gould is one twisted comic. As deep, dark and delicious as they come. A good site here. Very highly recommended.

Big Daddy Graham This guy has been a consistant comedian for many years now, very funny and quite entertaining. Mostly musical in nature but the occasional skit is not unheard of, all good. I highly recommend him.

Nick Griffin Nick is a very funny fellow. I really like his humor, as seen through the eyes of a slightly depressed yet really insightful comic. He's got a CD out called "Bring Out the Monkey" and his piece on drinking is sublime. You'll like him.

Mark Gross Mark is one funny guy. His CD is called "Meet Mark Gross" and it's a keeper. I hope to see and hear more of this fine talent. This is his Facebook site. Well...what are you waiting for?!

Scott Hansen Scott is a fine stand-up comedian from Minnesota who pokes fun at a wide range of human conditions, and human beings for that matter. He has a CD out and it's a nice effort, all in all.

Hanukkah Harry "I saw Hanukkah Harry beat up Santa" is a cool little song from the talented Hal L. Singer. This be the place to get it.

The Happy Schnapps Combo A Happy little group out of Wisconsin who are quite funny. Humorous songs galore with just a touch of Bratwurst.

Dan Hart Dan Hart is a talented man. Humorous songwriting is his claim to fame. Check him out here.

The Heebee-Jeebees The most fun you've ever heard (That's what it says on their web site). Yet another example of Canadian superiority in comedic endeavors. Good stuff.

Bill Hicks A great website dedicated to a man who some people, myself included, think was one of the greatest comedians of all time. The late, great Bill Hicks was so much more than that though. I recommend any of his recordings.

Maryellen Hooper A funny lady who has a pretty good CD out called "Dignity under duress". She pokes fun at all aspects of her life. I like her.

Hot Air Buffoons The Hot Air Buffoons are kind of like a barbershop quartet, all the singing talent but with none of the haircutting stuff. Lots of eating though, and I do mean LOTS of eating! An interesting group, this is their site.

Eric Houg Eric is a recording artist of sorts with a good 'net comedy show. He supports the comedy artists and websites out there as we all should. An enigmatic man who prefers anonymity over fame and fortune, not unlike my Uncle Jake who jumped bail a while back. Please go here and make feeble attempts at being funny, he likes that.

Richard Jeni One of the funniest comedians that ever lived. He was one of the best and will be sorely missed. I really like his material. This is his site. R.I.P Richard.

Jake Johannsen This guy is one of the best. He just released a recording and it's pretty darned good. The sound engineer should be beaten with a microphone stand though, as the sound quality is very saturated...a bit too loud. A very funny fellow. Probably one of the most underrated comics around, I highly recommend him.

Jim's Big Ego/Jim Infantino Jim's own site, good background and bio material here. As funny as he can be, in concert especially, he is also a force to be reckoned with in the serious side of songwriting.

Tommy Johnagin This is one funny stand-up comedian. His material is adult without being profane, a real talent. He has good insight into relationships and life itself. I highly recommend him.

Cledus T. Judd A talented Nashville parodist who seems to be getting better all the time. He has a tendency to do just country western tunes but not always. A lot of good stuff here.

Todd Justice A new, good stand-up comedian is hard to find, and I am happy to report that this is one of them. Todd is a fresh face and a welcome one, a very funny man. Keep an eye out for him.

Kasper Hauser I like this site, Books, Videos, Magazines and More. Like it says "Comedy for Comedy Fans". Go on in.

Andrew Kerr Andrew is a great singer/musician in the folk tradition... he sings good stories. As with a lot of Comedy 101 Radio artists, not all is meant to be funny but the ones that are are very entertaining. Check him out here.

Sam Kinison The late, great outlaw comic has a good website here. Isn't science wonderful? A one of a kind.

Kevin Kling This guy has some very funny stories, anecdotes, monologues, whatever you want to call them. Lots of insight and knowledge of the human condition. Often heard on National Public Radio.

Jon Lajoie This guy has some of the best videos I have ever seen. Everyday Normal Guy, Pop Song and High as F*** are some of the best on the web. Try out the NSFW material, very interesting stuff. Highly recommended!

Chance Langton A talented stand-up comedian from the Boston area. He has a new CD out and this is where to get it. Song, stand-up and audience banter...and it all sounds great. Strange...I just interviewed him on the show and he has apparently suffered no ill effects.

Christine Lavin There isn't anyone quite like this woman, a very talented singer, writer and all around performer. Equally as good with the humorous as well as the serious side of life, I highly recommend her material. Nice site too.

Tom LehrerThis man is incredible at what he does...As far as comedic songwriting goes there is no one better. Some good info here.

Local AnxietyA Canadian duo with a great sense of humor, whether it be a song or a sketch it's all good. I like them. This be their page.

Stephen LynchThis guy is Irreverent in a twisted sort of way and that is a GOOD thing. He has released a CD called "A little bit special" and indeed it is. I dare say he's in the same vein as Henry Phillips but a bit sicker! THAT is a VERY good thing.

Tom MabeWhat do you get when you combine a hatred for telemarketers and a sick sense of humor? Tom Mabe. His "Revenge on the telemarketers" Cd is a lot funnier than I thought it would be, some great stuff there. Learn more about him at his site.

Kathleen Madigan The OFFICIAL site of a VERY funny lady. One of the best.

John Mammoser This guy is packing some killer parodies as well as a lot of original comedy songs and very funny fake commercials. Known for "Nine Coronas", "My Girlfriend is Inflatable" and other hilarious Comedy 101 staples...check out the MP3 comedy links on his site, if you're buying it's a darned good deal.

Scott Marshall His website calls him a Hardcore Hillbilly Humorist, and I must agree. He's got some funny songs about fishing, hunting and other such human endeavors. This be the place all things Marshall.

The Marx brothers A comedy group for the ages. These guys started it all as far as I'm concerned, WAY ahead of their time. Learn from the masters.

Goucho Marx This man deserves a medal for what he and his brothers have done for comedy. From his movies to his recordings, it's all pure genious. This is a great site.

Shane Mauss I really like this guy. A good stand-up comedian that had me laughing out loud with his observational humor. A very funny fellow indeed.