Please keep in mind that the one's in red are SOME of my favorites AND that I change my mind daily AND I like ALL of the things that you see on this website. SO, having said that I don't want to get ANY hate mail from disgruntled ARTISTS, CRABBY listeners or UPPITY comedy "EXPERTS" who may or may not disagree with my selections... So there!
Cheech and Chong A Cheech Marin and Tommy Chong website that smokes. Pun intended. Lots to see here. Some great background on the duo.

Bobby Collins This guy has long been a favorite of mine. A great comedian. Good stuff.

Comedy Home A good site for perusing/buying material from many different comedy artists. There is some excellent talent here. A tip o' the hat to the great Heywood Banks for pulling this one together.

The Consortium of Genius The two CDs..."Free Brains and Dead Bodies" and the recently released "In Cog We Trust" are pretty good. Mad genius scientist and his two interesting coworkers/subordinates make up the cast. Mayhem makes up the plot. This band is entertaining and highly original.

Tom Cool Tom Cool is, as the name implies, pretty darned cool. This is the place where you can get Cool things. Isn't that cool? I promise I won't say cool again.

Steve Couch Steve is a comic that is very likeable. His songs are clever, insightful and funny. this is his website.

John Cougarstein With songs like "I kissed a squirrel", "Livin' like Deepak Chopra" and "Smurfette" how can he go wrong? Okay there was that incident with the farm animals, but that's behind him now.

Coupla Fat Guys Band This is a fine group of talented folk. Humorous songs and videos and a whole lot more .Very interesting, I like 'em.

The Cowards Yet another great Canadian comedy source (one more reason to like Canada). This duo shines with the recently released "A Condition Of Our Parole". I hope to see more of these guys in the future. Very well done.

Dan Cummins Dan Cummins is a very good stand-up comedian. One of the funnier ones on the circuit today. He has his own original style and he is very humorous. I call this joke "Very funny guy, check him out now".

Rodney Dangerfield The man who made the phrase "I get no respect" famous. The official site.

Chad Daniels This is a pretty good stand-up comedian, irreverent as all hell but very funny. This is his site...enjoy.

Darby O'Gill A Folk/Irish band of sorts. Not all is meant to be funny but all is good and when it's funny it's GREAT. I'm hooked. The "Kretchma" alone is worth the price of admission. I'll bet you're wondering why I list this group under the "D"s instead of the "O"'s because I'm slightly retarded. Please don't tell anyone.

Da Yoopers A good comedy band with classic hits like "Rusty Chevrolet", "Second week of deer camp" parts one and two, "Fishin' wit Fred" and many more.

Dead Frog This is a great site for info on any and all of the stand-up comedians on the road today. Lots of news here, from up and coming to the greats. Check this out!

Dave Dingwall What a unique, entertaining artist this man is. Dave has a great video out called "Blue Collar Shuffle" and I've been playing the tune on the show. I hope he produces more work for airplay. This is his site.

Nick DiPaolo This guy is very funny, one of the better stand-up talents out there. He does come across as a bit angry and bitter but I think that's part of the act. Has been on television with his own specials and on several comedy series. His CD is really funny.

The Dyzmals A great band, very humorous with a nice catchy sound. Bill Hare and Chris Callahan are the two main people, and here is the web site.

Costaki Economopoulos I can't pronounce his name but I can hear his stand-up and it's very funny. He's got a good CD out and you can find out more about it here.

Mark Eddie A pretty good live performer. His skills are steeped in musical comedy but he's not adverse to bouts of decent stand-up in his act.

Lorne Elliott A very funny man, with wit and personality to match. I've seen him perform and wished there were more like him. Highly recommended!

Evil Cripple/Paul Levin This is a unique site.Where do I begin? Paul is an Ivy league educated doctor confined to a wheelchair because of a skiing accident (hence half the moniker) who performs as a very twisted and DARK stand-up comic (Hence the other half of said moniker). Still with me? Much to his credit he doesn't let his physical situation limit his approach to comedy, on the contrary, it influences him mightily. Check this site out, it's well worth the time spent!

Fast and Dirty This duo is a breath of fresh air. A unique and highly entertaining new addition to the comedy field. their new CD "Live from our pants" is hilarious. Yet another great comedic product from Canada. I highly recommend them.

Wayne Faust and Rusty Lewis These talented funny guys have set up a Site to showcase their recordings and the material of other great comedy artists. Some great stuff here.

Dick Feller This talented songwriter and performer has worked with or written for notables such as Lewis Grizzard, Bobby Bare, Jerry Reed, Johnny Cash and many others. Award winning, insightful and very good with a lyric. Check him out here.

Firesign Theatre One of the first GREAT comedy troupes. They deserve a lot of credit for paving the way. Lots of talent here. They're just a quarter mile from the Antelope Freeway.

Fly Amero A very talented performer, strong in blues, guitar and balladry. I include this artist for the hilarious Christmas material he has done.The ballad of "Frank Jones" is classic stuff.

The Fools THIS is one of the GREATEST comedy bands EVER! I've seen them live and there is nothing better. They seem to be doing shows again and that is a very good thing. This is a great site! May they play forever...

John Forster This guy is one of the best singer/songwriting comedians out there today. You may know him for the hilarious "Entering Marion" as well as "Helium" and many other great songs that he's performed. A major talent in his field, I wish that there were more like him.

The Four Postmen A very talented AND supremely twisted band. If comedy were respected these guys would be making money.

Jeff Foxworthy An official site (that means it's not as good as an unofficial one).

Pablo Francisco A very funny fellow with a real gift for impressions. He has two CDs out now and they are both good.

Will Franken Some folks have called Will Franken a one man comedy show along the likes of Monty Python. This site has all sorts of info on the guy...podcasts, event schedules and more.

The Frantics This is one of the BEST comedy troupes EVER! Having said that, this is THEIR site! Do I really need to SAY anything else?! Have I used enough exclamation marks?!

Gallagher Yep, THAT Gallagher. Not many people realize that he put out an album a while back, but he did and I play it. It's really funny, but it's also a bit flawed. I say that because almost the entire recording is affected by a a woman in the audience who laughed through the whole thing, the kind of laugh that could best be described as a cross between a donkey and an ambulance. He has tons of other material and it's all good. He had the trunk long before Carrot Top.

The Geezinslaws The Geezinslaw Brothers in all their splendid glory. This duo goes back over fifty years and the talent is still there. I really like "I'm White and I Can't Get Down" as well as many others. Try them, you'll like them.