These are some of the best comedy artists on the planet. Please support them and spread the cheer!
Abbott and Costello THE classic comedy duo. Lots of info here on the great, classic comedy duo.

The Mrs. Ackroyd Band Very good stuff. Clever and interesting. Les Barker performed The Dachsund song with this group. Mr. Barker has a link a bit further down this list, enjoy them both.

Kip Addotta Creator of "Wet Dream", "Life in the Slaw lane" and a many others. His newest CD has some very funny moments. He's better than most.

Adult Swim This is the home of Space Ghost, Brak, the Oblongs and many more REALLY crazy cartoon characters. I'm a big fan of this humor! This stuff is whiz yourself funny!

Peter Alsop Peter Alsop is a very talented fellow. His hits include "My fathers top drawer", "Hopelessly heterosexual" and many more. This site has all the info on a very gifted man. Highly recommended.

The Amoeba People This is one interesting band. Lively, great lyrics and very funny! Entertainment for young and old, I highly recommend them.

Fly Amero A very talented performer, strong in blues, guitar and balladry. I include this artist for the hilarious Christmas material he has done.The ballad of "Frank Jones" is classic stuff.

Rachel Arieff Rachel is a saucy, bawdy, and talented songstress with a great sense of humor. Her new CD cover photo alone is worth the price of admission. For some strange reason I now aspire to be a piano stool. A welcome addition to C-101R.

Mike Armstrong Mike has material that will make you cry it's so funny. He's an ex-cop with a superb sense of humor. One of the better stand-up comedians on the circuit. This is the place to check him out.

Arrogant Worms Canada's wacky musical trio. I really like this group, you can tell that they have fun doing this stuff. You'll laugh out loud at these guys.

The Asylum Street Spankers What a great band! I'm a little late in getting here, I could kick myself. Highly entertaining, very funny and talented in ways that I cannot begin to describe. Do yourself a favor and check them out on YouTube, then buy their stuff! Highly recommended!

Austin Lounge Lizards A great bluegrass band with a keen sense of humor. "Grandpa's hologram", "Jesus loves me (but he can't stand you)" and fine rendition of "The Purple People Eater" are just a few of the funny songs that they do. Worth checking out.

Heywood Banks A good homepage for a true comedic talent. It's got all the info on a very funny man. One of a kind.

Barnes and Barnes Art and Artie Barnes of "Fishheads" and "Something's In the Bag" fame! I have liked these guys for many years now and play them on a regular basis. Robert Haimer and Billy Mumy are the duo and humorous/strange/entertaining is the product! I highly recommend them. Now go here or get sent to the corn field! Yeah...

Todd Barry A stand-up comedian with experience in television and film. His resume' includes spots on Late night, The Late show, Comedy Central and more. This is the place to go for all things Todd. Did I also mention that he is very funny? He brings sarcasm to a whole new level.

Ivor Biggun He's back. All the info on the man you'll ever need... new Cd, band bio, favorite dog and much more. A bawdy Brit with a great sense of humor.

Billy Dare and the Pumps New Hampshire's own Billy Dare and the Pumps... very big on the gay and straight club circuit and as they themselves like to admit, very campy. The new "Baseball song" is a hit (pun intended).

Mike Birbiglia This is a very good stand-up comedian. A fresh, funny, yet low key act that really entertains. One of the better ones.

Dave Blackledge A funny man, and as his website says "The guy ain't right". Finding funny out of the darker side of life is his forte', it's called dramady and he's pretty darned good at it.

Bob and Ray A great place to get Bob and Ray recordings. You can hear hours of material on RA or purchase it right here.

Alonzo Bodden I like this man, a very good comedian is he. Listen and laugh. Repeat.

Barry and the Bookbinders Barry Bookbinder, funny man extraordinaire, is the talent behind this very humorous "act" (I couldn't think of a better word). Okay, he's also a lawyer, but don't hold that against him. The production values and overall humor of his new CD is top notch. A great buy if you like funny songs.

Lenny Boudreau I like this site, lots of interesting material here. Lenny has talent in many areas, no doubting that. Check it out...

Bowser and Blue A very funny Canadian comedy duo. They play a good guitar while singing hilarious adult tunes. Best known for "Polka Dot Undies".

Boymongoose Like his site says "Boymongoose is an Indian Christmas Popstar who specialises in comedic remakes of all the classic Christmas Carols." He's kind of funny actually, not bad at all. Here he is.

Ken Boynton A principal member of Synaptic Anarchy Playhouse. Unfortunately they no longer exist but the spirit of that very funny group lives on in this man. He has, among his many offerings, a musical novelty CD that is very entertaining. You can check out his material here.

Chuck Brodsky A great folk singer with a dinstinctive and entertaining voice. Like most good "folkies" he has put out a comedy piece or two. "Hockey fight song" and "Blow 'em away" are very good songs worthy of airplay on C-101. Look here to find out more.

Brooks and Fraser/Joe's Convenience I like these guys, some of the few that are left that still do good sketch comedy. I play them on the show and highly recommend them.

Paul Bullock Under the alter ego of Manfred C. Balzac, Paul has released a CD called Manfred's Midnight Monologue, a spoken word recording that is quite interesting. I can appreciate the anti-drug war info he has at this site, it's quite disturbing but, more importantly, very informative. This be the place for all things Balzac...or is that Bullock? I get confused...

Jeff Burghart Jeff Burghart...comic impressionist, ex-roommate of Pablo Francisco and master plumber. Okay, I made that last one up, but dammit he could have been if he'd just managed to pass that grueling "toilet seat gasket replacement" final. This is the place for all things Jeff Burghartish.

Ian Butler Ian's new CD "Creme De La Phlegm" has some good rockin' comedy songs on it. Check out "Karen (Inspector of my underwear)", "Gonna eat your dog" and "Lipstick on my dipstick" (I gotta play that one late!). Go here to find out more.

Steve Byrne Steve is a pretty good stand-up comedian who really likes macaroni and cheese. No, I mean REALLY likes macaroni and cheese. This is his site.

Cab City Combo I'd like to see this band live, they sound like fun. Mostly a musical novelty group but my favorite piece by them is a sketch called "Sulu's day", about a typical day on the bridge of the USS Enterprise.

Jeff Caldwell Jeff Caldwell is a very funny man, a great stand-up comedian if there ever was one. He's insightful, smart and not at all profane. I highly recommend him.

Camper Van Beethoven I have always liked this group. I mean if it wasn't for them nobody would ever take those damned skinheads bowling. And that would be a shame. Really.

George Carlin The Official George Carlin website. Everything's here, from the complete "Seven dirty words" supreme court case transcripts to his newest CD release. I've always considered him to be the best and I'm so very sorry that he's no longer with us. R.I.P George, you will be sorely missed!

Rodney Carrington His CD "Hangin' with Rodney" is very funny and a listener favorite on C101R. Lots of naughty bits but worth a listen for sure.

Jasper Carrott This funny british man has got his own website now. If you aren't familar with his humor, it's because there isn't much comedy getting to this country from jolly ol' England and that is a shame because there is plenty over there and a lot of it is funny, like Jasper.

Tim Cavanaugh He's performed such gems as "I want to kiss her (but she won't let me)" and "Tim's Blues". His Cd "Sounds like fun" is pretty good. Check out his website.

Celestial Navigations This group is one of the best story telling sources I've ever heard. Fronted by noted actor and author Geoffrey Lewis this is a very talented group and deserves to be heard. Not all is funny, but all is good, and what IS funny is great.

Eugene Chadbourne Eugene is a very talented man, good at a lot of things. Eclectic is a great word to use here. Check him out.

Chenille Sisters I really like this group, Cheryl, Connie and Grace...The Chenille sisters! Great harmonies, superb lyrics and when they are clever, nobody better. I highly recommend them!

Chip Chinery Chip is a pretty good stand-up performer. You've probably seen him in commercials or movies as he does a bit of acting also.