Television Humor
  • Adult Swim This is the home of Adult Swim, the Cartoon Network's crazy adult oriented cartoons. Space Ghost, Brak, Jailbird Man, the Oblongs and many more VERY funny shows can be found here. This is some of the best humor do be found anywhere. Highly recommended!
  • Red Dwarf A nice link page for this fine British television comedy. Everything but the kitchen sink.
  • The Simpsons This is a great site for the funniest darned T.V. show on the air.
  • The Simpsons This is the unofficial site of the funniest darned T.V. show on the air, which means it's better than the official one! (It's funny how that works).
  • Twilight ZoneA great homage page to one of the best (quite possibly THE best) television program of all time! A very thorough site, highly recommended. Yes, I know it's not comedy but some rules HAVE to be broken! When you have your own website you can do what ever you want...bwahahahahahahahaaaa...cough...choke...ahem.